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The discussion of 1970's and 80's yamaha xs750 and xs850 motorbikes.
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Engine Rebuild
Removing engine from frame - Issues
Frame identification
FJ1200 Toolkit
'79 xs750 wiring harness
Living the cliche' - Riding the dream
Bandit & Norton
XS850 for sale
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The discussion of 1970\'s and 80\'s yamaha xs750 and xs850 motorbikes.
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FJ1200 Toolkit

Got this of eBay with postage came to around 20 cheapest one on there , it was for a TX1 model as I recall, I have a 3xw model which I believe was the final model in the series TX1 was the first I think?

Was told it was missing one tool an alan key? it came with the 2 shown here.

Can anyone help, bag is in good nick and tools are Yamaha o ...
I want to get some chroming done and wondered what experiences members have.

Saw the recommendation for Hinckley. There is Ashford Plating near to me (I'm on the South coast), but saw some negative feedback on Googlemaps.

Many thanks, Jon.
Living the cliche' - Riding the dream
I have always had a combination of modern and older bikes. My last Modern bike was a Honda Varadero XL1000 and the XS replaced that in my stable.
Had a lot of BSA's over the years including several bantams which were good fun.
Currently I have a 59 Matchless 650 and a 62 BSA Sunbeam scooter as my older bikes. The sccoter was originally intended for the missus but the Matchless is all mine and brings a big grin to my face when riding it, while it works! :) That is part of the charm, the fettli ...
Frame identification
Is a 77 1J7 US frame identical to a 78 1T5 UK frame. Also I thought I had a 2D version but some sites are classing these as XS750 pre 2D.
How would I tell the difference?
Removing engine from frame - Issues
Hi guys, me again! (sorry).

Picked up another XS750 trike to run alongside the one for my dad. This one however is a hard tail. Am in the process of stripping it down so that I can tidy up and paint the frame and the last piece left is to remove the engine. Read a few guides and it seems you have to remove the oil filter which would be ok except it would appear that the bolt on this one has been completely rounded off! :( Is there any secret way to get the engine out without removing this par ...
Bandit & Norton
At Alpha's request - Bandit when first arrived (definitely not my cup of tea) and current rebuild state.
Norton Jubilee was bought by mistake (sort of), I bid and bought what was supposed to be a Norton Navigator - was all in 2 Tea Chests and various boxes but couldn't pick it up until 3 months after bought on eBay.  Finally collected from North Wales and checked over at home and with a little bit of investigation found I had most parts belonging to a Jubilee (2 engines, 1 complete and 1 i ...
Engine Rebuild
Just started taking the top end off to have a poke about before painting. Ran the starter on the bench and got a consistent 150-155psi  across all cylinders.
The cams look perfect on removing the covers, in fact the inside looks new.
I suspect the 7500miles shown is actually genuine, the motor looks great so far.
 I may only do the valves and top end, at the moment it looks like a waste of time going any further.
What are the primary weak points on the engine I should change a ...
Thread sizes
I am getting my frame powder coated. I ended up buying all the various screws and bolts that have threads in the frame anywhere so that I can replace them all after using the originals as sacrificial thread protectors when the coating is done.
However they mostly look around M5 and M6 but I am assuming they are some sort of JIS thread?
Is there a list of what thread each bolt is by part number, would like to run a tap through all of them before assembly by only have normal metric taps, will ...
Silly Question about Lights...79 XS750SF
Im embarrassed to say i cant figure out the lights on my 79 Special.
I am getting ready to tackle the wiring portion of my build, but dont get the light and key positions.
I understand the relay trips the headlight (and tail?) when motor is started.
I understand the parking position is past the LOCK position, but given there is no light ON/OFF switch, how do you turn on the gauge lights?
Thanks all.
XS850 for sale
Fully rebuilt UK XS850 (non matching numbers) - only just run in. 2000 or close offer

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/2071600/IMG_974.jpg][img:1255f7dee2]http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/2071600/I ...
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